Addiction Medicine

A Safe Haven for Treatment & Recovery

Our Guiding Philosophy

We believe that people who are struggling with substance use disorder deserve to heal in a safe, warm, welcoming environment. We provide evidence-based practices and believe substance use disorder can be treated successfully.

Gender-Responsive Treatment

At Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services, we are committed to providing gender-responsive treatment. There is a tremendous social stigma attached to those who abuse alcohol or drugs or experience behavioral health issues. Shame and the fear of severe consequences, such as losing custody of children, loss of employment and other life-altering consequences. 

Healing requires that women and men live in an environment in which they can experience supportive, sustaining interactions with staff and each other, using a model of treatment that focuses on relationships. Men and women have different needs in the areas of self, relationships, sexuality and spirituality. It’s important to note the difference in the ways men and women deal with these issues and to address them in the ways that work best for each individual.

Groups in residential and intensive outpatient treatment are separately provided for women and men to optimize the opportunities for gender-responsive treatment. 

Join the Campaign for Recovery

Oregon ranks #6 in the nation for addiction disorder.

Join Samaritan Health Services in the Campaign for Recovery, and choose today to be part of the solution. 

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