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Compassionate Medical Services for Survivors of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence & Non-fatal Strangulation

Opening in 2016, Sarah’s Place is the first sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) center in Oregon and provides treatment and resources to anyone who has experience sexual assault, domestic violence or non-fatal strangulation. Sarah’s Place is located inside the Samaritan Albany General Hospital, but away from the Emergency Department, to allow direct and immediate access for patients.

Sarah’s Place has safe, private exam rooms, consultation rooms for patients and families and a private shower.

Staffed by SANE nurses with specialized training, Sarah’s Place is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide free medical and forensic care, community resources and additional support. We provide a safe place for patients to receive resources and inclusive care, regardless of age, race, gender identity or sexual orientation.

SANE nurses are also available on the coast at both Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital and Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital in the Emergency Department.

All services are free, funded in part by Oregon State Crime Victim’s Compensation, Samaritan Health Services and the Samaritan Employee Caring Campaign.

Email Sarah’s Place and a SANE nurse will return your email within a couple of business days. If you need immediate help, go to the Samaritan Albany General Hospital Emergency Department and request a visit with Sarah’s Place.

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Who is Sarah?

Sarah is the name chosen to represent all who have experienced sexual assault, domestic violence or non-fatal strangulation.

Each year, thousands of women, men and children face some type of sexual assault and, on average, only 25 to 34 percent report their experience and seek care. Survivors of sexual assault frequently have limited access to immediate care in their community and examination by qualified staff. Sarah’s Place aims to change that statistic by providing compassionate, expert care.

Visitor Information

Sarah's Place Department of Samaritan Albany General Hospital1046 Sixth Ave SW
Albany, OR 97321

Hours: 24/7

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Community Resources

If you are an Oregon State University student, OSU recommends these resources.

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Support Sarah’s Place

Donors wishing to support Sarah’s Place can make a gift through the Albany General Hospital Foundation.

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