Samaritan Sleep Center Earns Accreditation

Samaritan Sleep Center in North Albany has been re-accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for providing the highest quality of patient care. Additionally, the sleep center has earned accreditation by the Academy as a home sleep apnea testing facility. 

American Academy of Sleep Medicine ensures excellence in health care and the importance of sleep as an element of health, public safety and the quality of life.

“The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is the most stringent accrediting body for sleep centers,” said Mark Reploeg, MD, medical director of Samaritan Sleep Medicine Program and a physician at The Corvallis Clinic who specializes in sleep medicine and neurophysiology. “What it means for patients is that from initial consultation, to long-term follow-up, we provide the highest level of clinical care.”

Samaritan Sleep Center provides many diagnostic and treatment services, including overnight and daytime sleep studies, home sleep testing, actigraphy, pulse-oximetry and CPAP titration. Specialized services, including neurodiagnostic testing and electroencephalograms are also available. 

The center, which opened at the new North Albany location in September 2016, has 14 beds, with improved accommodations and private rooms for optimal comfort.
In addition to sleep studies, Samaritan Sleep Center offers at-home testing for sleep apnea, a condition that can put people at risk for other chronic diseases caused by disrupted sleep, including hypertension, heart disease and dementia. 

Visit to learn more about sleep services.  

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