Prostate Discomfort Leads to Search for Answers

When cycling adventures and the travels associated with retirement were being impacted by symptoms of an enlarged prostate, Conrad Willett, 77, of Newport decided to explore treatment options.

“I had been taking Flomax for nearly four years. It somewhat helped with my symptoms, like the strong urge to urinate, difficulty when trying or the many ups and downs throughout the night,” said Willett. “But, there’d be times when riding in the car for any great length of time was difficult and I’d become almost incontinent.”

About two years ago, it was during a seminar on prostate health by Urologist Robert Laciak, MD, where Willett learned about UroLift.

“UroLift is a minimally invasive approach that helps treat the symptoms of an enlarged prostate,” said Dr. Laciak with Samaritan Urology. “The straightforward procedure uses tiny implants to lift and hold the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way, so it no longer blocks the urethra. There is no cutting, heating or removing of tissue.”

“Medically, Conrad was doing all the right things,” said Dr. Laciak. “But like many men in their 60s and older, he was suffering from the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.”

After doing a little research and passing the necessary medical evaluation, in October of 2017, Willett had Dr. Laciak perform the UroLift procedure. Since having the procedure, Willett no longer needs Flomax, his sleep has improved and his strong urge to urinate and difficulty when trying have subsided. He is back to traveling with his wife, Gail, and cycling upwards of 500 miles a month.

“My advice to others who may share a similar experience, consider looking into this minimally invasive procedure,” Willett said. “It was life changing.
I’m back to enjoying retirement, and without interruption.”

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