Don’t Skip Your Medications

Does it really matter if you sometimes skip your diabetes medications? Definitely, yes.

Studies have shown that 50 percent of people with diabetes do not consistently take their medications. We all have forgotten to take our meds from time to time but research indicates many people with diabetes are not faithful with taking their medications consistently as prescribed. The potential for severe consequences can lead to increased hospitalization and even serious complications from elevated blood sugar levels.

There are many reasons why you might not take your medication as prescribed. This includes not understanding your doctor’s instructions and/or medical terms, limited finances or access to health care, cultural barriers, complex medication regimens, memory issues and many other reasons.

It is important to be honest with your health care provider if you are not consistently taking your medications so solutions can be suggested. Interventions and tools are available to help with this including medication organizers, pill box timers, alarms, written schedules, phone apps and text messages.

If you can’t afford your medications, talk to a diabetes educator about our patient assistance programs.

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