WISH (Women Investing in Samaritan Health)

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Committed to Health Care in Our Region

Since 2004, local women have been supporting the health care needs of area women and children and celebrating the growing impact of women as philanthropists. Working with the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation, these women are a part of WISH, which features two major components:

  • Collective philanthropy: Each participant donates an equal amount to a fund, which is distributed to local projects that benefit women and children for patient care provided by Samaritan. WISH participants develop fund distribution criteria, investigate projects firsthand and award funds personally with the help of the foundation.
  • Education and celebration events: The group gathers at least once a year for an event designed to educate, empower, and inspire.

Since its inception in 2004, WISH has granted more than $380,600 to support equipment, projects and programs that benefit the healthcare needs of local women and children.

In 2018 and 2019, combined, WISH funded requests totaling $127,919. Highlights include funding for:

  • Lymphedema compression garments.
  • Fetal monitors.
  • A childbirth simulator.
  • A neonatal resuscitation mannequin and two infant intubation trainers.
  • A phototherapy system for newborns.
  • The launch of the Samaritan Centering Pregnancy program.
  • The ArtsCare program for youth at the Johnson Teen Center.
  • Youth and family cooking and fitness programming and much more.

Additionally, WISH led the way with a $70,000 award to remodel the bathrooms and replace flooring of two patient rooms as part of the Center for Women and Families’ Labor and Delivery, Post-Partum Unit’s complete renovation of thirteen bathrooms. Modern, accessible bathrooms enhance the patient rooms and provide a welcoming space for new families.

WISH Membership Levels

  • $250 up to age 45.
  • $500 age 46+.

10 percent of membership contributions are placed in an endowment, the earnings of which will be used to help support funding requests in the future.

To join WISH today, please visit give.samhealth.org/GSHF and select Women Investing in Samaritan Health (WISH) from the drop-down menu. For questions, please call 541-768-4256.

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