The Giving Circle – Newport

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Building Healthier Communities Together in Lincoln County

Participants of The Giving Circle collaborate to improve the health and well-being of residents in central and south Lincoln County. The Giving Circle prioritizes the needs of children and people who identify as women.

The Giving Circle features two major components:

  • Collective Philanthropy: Each Giving Circle participant donates an equal amount to a fund, which is distributed to projects that benefit community members within the scope of patient care provided by Samaritan Pacific Health Services. Participants develop fund distribution criteria, investigate projects firsthand and award funds with help from the Pacific Communities Health District Foundation.
  • Education & Celebration Events: Giving Circle participants gather at least once a year for an educational opportunity about health care and philanthropy, to vote on fund distribution to projects and to meet with previous fund recipients. The event is designed to educate, empower and inspire.

Past grant awards have helped provide vital equipment, programs and services within Samaritan Pacific Health Services, which encompasses Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital and associated clinics and departments. Some recent examples include:

  • Car seats for families who need them and education on safe use.
  • Bicycle and skateboard helmets distributed by emergency department staff at community events.
  • A cardiac monitoring system for the hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation department.
  • Infant warmers for the Labor and Delivery department.
  • Neonatal manikins for training simulations at the Center for Health Education.

As a nonprofit health system, Samaritan provides service to everyone regardless their ability to pay or insurance type. That’s why support from of local community members is so critical.

Please Join Us!

Participation in the Giving Circle is open to any individual interested in actively supporting the health and well-being of local communities, with an emphasis on children and people who identify as women. The annual contribution is $250 and, as allowed by law, is fully tax-deductible as a gift to the Pacific Communities Health District Foundation.

To join today, complete the donation form and select The Giving Circle from the drop-down menu. For questions, call 541-574-4745.

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