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Inspiring Hope

Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services on the Coast

Who This Serves:   People, 18 years or older, with substance use disorders throughout Samaritan’s service area.

What:  Establish a 16-bed Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services facility in Lincoln County to provide residential treatment and intensive outpatient programs, including group and individual therapy, medication-assisted treatment and peer-delivered services.

Where: The program will be located in Newport within short driving distance of Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital.

When:  Completion of the facility is expected in summer 2024. Residential services will be offered 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Outpatient services are offered Monday through Friday, including evening sessions.

Why:  Oregon ranks second in the nation for substance use disorder and 50th in access to treatment. Inpatient treatment is a critical first step in the recovery process for many individuals, but there are currently no inpatient services in Lincoln County, and limited outpatient services available.

Campaign Goal:  $10.1 million.

Lead Foundations: 

  • Pacific Communities Health District Foundation.
  • North Lincoln Hospital Foundation.

“I didn’t have a plan to die but I didn’t have a plan to live either.” 

~Gina Myers

This was how Gina Myers described her life before entering residential treatment. She is now a certified drug and alcohol counselor and doula specializing in helping pregnant women who are incarcerated.

Read more about Gina and the plans for the new treatment center in Newport.

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Albany General Hospital Foundation | Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation
Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation | North Lincoln Hospital Foundation
Pacific Communities Health District Foundation
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