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Building Community


Close up of a woman's hands as she creates a colorful project at an ArtsCare event.

Who:  The ArtsCare program serves Samaritan patients, caregivers, visitors and staff.


  • Focused workshops offered by specially trained local artists and musicians.
  • Soothing sounds and inspiring images in patient care settings.
  • Artwork for public spaces.

When:  Ongoing since 2004. Local activities are coordinated to accommodate diverse patient needs and schedules.

Where: Hospitals and clinics throughout Samaritan’s tri-county region of Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties.

Why:  Enhances the healing environment through the presence of art and music in health care settings, positively impacting the physical and emotional well‑being of patients, visitors and staff.

Campaign Goals:  

  • Healing Environment: $100,000.
  • Program: $100,000.

Lead Foundation:  All Samaritan foundations.

“I took bits and pieces of broken scraps of clay and formed them into art — just like my life has been broken, I know it can once again be beautiful in a different way.”

~ArtsCare Patient Participant

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Albany General Hospital Foundation | Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation
Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation | North Lincoln Hospital Foundation
Pacific Communities Health District Foundation
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