Corporate Giving

Close up of a handshake. Two people wearing professional business attire.

Participate in PRIDE Values  

We seek to establish partnerships with businesses in our community who share our PRIDE values – Passion, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence.

There are many opportunities for businesses to support our regional events and/or contribute to specific funds at your local hospitals that will help meet the health care needs of our communities. Possibilities include funding of facilities, equipment, health and wellness programs, education and patient support.

We offer special benefits to our PRIDE partners. Contact your local foundation today to learn more about this new program.

Partner With Us

Samaritan Health Services provides world-class health care to our communities. Maintaining local access to such exceptional care is the result of generous investments made by corporations, individuals and foundations. These caring entities recognize the value of collaborating with Samaritan Foundations to enhance the quality of life in our region.

Giving Is Good Business

Studies show that consumers prefer companies that support local causes. Responsible corporate citizenship is healthy for business and brings many benefits, including:

  • Association of your organization with a nationally recognized regional health system and other corporate donors
  • A polished company image of caring and elevation of your profile in the community
  • Respect from employees, customers & the public
  • Support of quality health care for the community

Please contact your local foundation to discuss sponsorship opportunities, benefits, our PRIDE program or make a donation today.

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