Dermatology Program

Clinical Training for Dermatology Residents 

Dermatology is an exciting specialization for graduate medical students. 

Our residents have an opportunity to provide continuity of care to patients with a diverse spectrum of dermatologic diseases. Patient care is performed under the supervision of attending physicians that provide outstanding teaching and mentorship, led by program director John Young, MD.

As part of our curriculum, residents gain broad surgical experience. Our residents also serve as consultants for the inpatient medicine service at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center with supervision from attending physicians.

A Mohs Fellowship is also offered under the direction of Bill Lear, MD.

Elective Rotations

Our residents have an opportunity to rotate through several medical specialties that enable diversification of medical knowledge and greater understanding of the appropriate interdisciplinary approach to patient care. We offer elective rotations in radiation/oncology, plastic surgery, oculoplastics, podiatry, rheumatology and dermatopathology. 

Female nurse with clipboard.


Our residents are instructed in basic science, clinical, and dermatopathological aspects of diseases. Lectures are conducted daily using Bolognia, Andrews, and Fitzpatrick as core references. These primary textbooks are supplemented with lectures adapted from Genodermatoses by Spitz, Hurwitz Clinical Pediatric Dermatology, Surgery of the Skin by Robinson, and Comprehensive Dermatologic Drug Therapy by Wolverton.

Our residents also meet weekly with our dermatopathology department for lectures and microscopic review of pathology unknowns led by Dr. Bohlke using Practical Dermatopathology by Rapini and Dermatopathology by Elston as references. Our residents also have access to our cosmetic department where they are trained in the use of lasers in dermatology.


All of our residents attend the annual meeting for the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology. In addition, our residents typically attend the American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting. Our residents are also encouraged to attend other conferences throughout the year that are of interest to them.

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