Meet Guillermo Monnroy, CMA Cardiology Medical Assistant

Former Call Center Employee Represents MA Program, Samaritan Cardiology

Three years ago, Guillermo Monrroy, a medical assistant apprentice, was a voice at Samaritan’s call center. Now, his coworkers are calling him the “face of Cardiology,” appearing in videos including one on KGW promoting his medical assistant apprenticeship program.

“A lot of people jokingly give me a hard time about being the face of cardiology,” said Monrroy. “But it’s fun. It’s nice to go from a polar opposite of being afraid of people knowing that I couldn’t hear, to people recognizing me for the video.”

Not long ago, Monrroy lost hearing in one ear.

“I’m not bilaterally deaf, I lost my hearing in my left ear,” said Monrroy. “I think my first challenge was just overcoming that.”

Initially Monrroy only told his bosses about his hearing.

“It was very nerve wracking for me to think about using a stethoscope,” Monrroy said. “At the same time, I had an onset of tinnitus that hasn’t gone away, it was a big challenge for me to mentally overcome.”

Monrroy, who started with Samaritan at the call center, now works as a medical assistant apprentice for Cardiologist Jeremy Warner, DO.

“He’s a great team player,” said Jessica Gurski, RN. “He never faults at wanting to make sure he is doing the best job he can.”

The apprentice program, which is run by Allied Health West, provides online classes while the student gets paid for their job.

“It’s a way to become a medical assistant through hands on experience instead of the more traditionally known textbook route,” said Monrroy, who is currently one of three MA apprentices in cardiology.

Monrroy heard about the program from a coworker who had worked at the call center.

“I was kind of envious but also motivated that’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Monrroy, who initially went to college to study nursing but had to drop out after running out of money.

Monrroy followed the same path as his friend from Samaritan’s call center, advancing to a job in the heart center office. From there he was recruited into the internship program.

After earning his certified medical assistant credential, Monrroy said he will go back to school in either the field of nursing or physician assistant.

“I think a big part of being successful in this program is being in an office that’s supportive of you,” Monnroy said. “Dr. Warner is an amazing mentor.”

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